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FireWire over IP Interfaces: HDV to ASI

FireBridge™ for HDV




BitBucket for HDV

FireBridge™ for HDV
ASI-BRIDGE CAM BitBucket for HDV Cameras

Real Time, Embedded Linux based, HDV (iLINK, Firewire, and IEEE 1394) to DVB ASI MPEG-2 Transport Stream Converter and Bridge. An "always on" appliance for real time conversion of HDV output from Sony Z1U and JVC HD100U High Definition cameras and JVC DVHS HDM 3000 and HDM 4000 tape recorders to DVB ASI. Features "FrameX" conversion so that 720P from JVC HD100U is at exactly 60 fps.

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Miranda HDV to ASI Interface - HDV/IEEE-1394 to MPEG2/ASI Server for use in conjunction with recent Professional HDV cameras from JVC, Sony, and Canon.

The ASI-Bridge CAM is a camera-mounted HDV to ASI converter, which offers direct transmission of HDV news footage, and more effective HDV recording to an MPEG-2 server. The ASI-Bridge CAM can also be combined with the HD-Bridge DEC+ to create a highly effective long range HDV news gathering system. This overcomes the short range limits of Firewire cable, and allows more flexibility in the field. Miranda’s ASI-Bridge CAM interface accepts HDV via an IEEE-1394 connection, and converts it to standard MPEG-2/ASI format. The interface is ideal for HDV news gathering, and can be used to convert HDV directly to ASI without the need for a costly HD MPEG-2 encoder. The ASI-Bridge CAM allows direct MPEG-2 recording on a server for cost effective preparation of dailies. The use of ASI cabling from the camera means the dailies recording device can be located further away from the camera. The compact interface mounts discretely between an HDV camcorder and a tripod, and accepts power from the camera battery or from a dedicated in-line power supply.

Real Time HDV Recorder/Player with FireWire in and out with VCR like controls for the storage and playback of HDV camera originated MPEG-2 Transport Streams. Includes DVB ASI output as well... Provides similar capabilities as the HVR-M10U VTR

Standard Features:

  • Designed for 24x7 Operation
  • Occupies 1RU rack
  • Firewire in MPEG-2 DVB ASI out
  • Tested to work with JVC HD100U and Sony Z1U
  • Outputs 19 Mbps with JVC HD100U
    Outputs 27 Mbps with Sony Z1U
  • Embedded Linux design that is always on when powered up
  • 19 inches wide, 10 inches deep
  • Tested to work with JVC DM-D4600U HDTV decoder
  • Tested to work with major brands of Transport Stream Multiplexers such as Terayon Cherry Picker
  • Tested to work with our T-Streamer™/ASI Transport Stream recorder/player
  • Tested to work with HD IRD's with ASI inputs from Tandberg, Leitch, and Harmonic

Note 1: This design is being "shrunk" to work under an HDV camera

Note 2: Manufacturing licenses are now available to selected OEMS.


  • Bridging HDV to ASI where cost effective HD content is desired.
  • Electronic News Gathering
  • Satellite Uplink trucks
  • Replacing $60,000 HD cameras and $40000 MPEG-2 encoders.

Firebridge for HDV wins 2006 Top Innovation Award from Television Broadcast magazine


FireBridge for HDV wins 2006 Top Innovation Award from Television Broadcast magazine




Joint DVEO and JVC Press Release

DVEO listing on JVC web site



Quick Facts About HDV



HDV Format Specification

Media Same as DV format (DV and/or Mini DV Tape)
Video Signal 720/60p, 720/30p
720/50p, 720/25p
1080/60i, 1080/50i
Number of Pixels 1280 X 720 1440 X 1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Compression MPEG-2 Video (profile & level: MP@H-14)
Sampling Frequency
for Luminance
74.25 MHz 55.7 MHz
Sampling Format 4:2:0
Quantization 8 bits (both luminance and chrominance)
Bit rate after Compression Approximately 19 Mbps Approximately 25 Mbps
Compression MPEG-1 Audio Layer II
Sampling Frequency 48 kHz
Quantization 16 bits
Bit rate after Compression 384 kbps
Audio Mode Stereo (2 channels)
Data Format MPEG-2 Systems
Stream Type Transport Stream Packetized Elementary Stream
Stream Interface IEEE1394 (MPEG-2 TS)