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DDR/HD™   DigiDisk/SDI™   Channel Manager™ 1ch HD 3ch SD-SDI
1–4 Channel Schedulable Playout Server with Ad Splicing, Ad Overlay, Traffic System Interface, Emergency Alerts on all Channels, etc.
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Channel Server SDI™


An Industrial Computer Based Uncompressed (Lossless) HD Recorder Player with 1080i, 720p Support. Built with AJA Xena PCI Card and Microsoft Server 2003. Dual Core and Dual Processor, High Performance Motherboard with HD SDI and Gig/E interfaces and Equipped with LSI Logic Advanced ESATA Storage Controller Managing 6-12 RAID Drives with .5 TB High Performance Drives. Comes with Very Friendly GUI with Sliding Viewer and Time Code Based Control and Provides Amazing Performance at a Reasonable Price.

Note: These are custom configured for each customer and are burned in and tested with high performance content over 24 hours.

Inexpensive, Broadcast Grade, 8 or 10 Bit SDI (SMPTE 259M) Disk Server, Player, and Recorder, with 8 or 10 bit SDI Input and Output with VCR Like Controls for Broadcast Quality Recording and Playback of Uncompressed Digital Content to Local Hard Drive. Features Remote Management, Random Access via Slider, and Includes an Advanced Playback and Record. Ideal Low Cost VTR Replacement with SDI SMPTE 259M Output at Digital Studios with SDI Switching/Infrastructure.

Broadcast Quality, Real Time, 3 RU, 10 Core Xeon® Based, One Each HD-SDI and 3 SD-SDI Channels, Playout Manager with Sophisticated Scheduling.  SDI format with Graphics, Text, or Logo Overlays for All Feeds.  Plays Stored and Live Channels and Ad Content on Schedule or on Trigger.  Inserts Sophisticated Graphics, Logos, or Crawling Text Anywhere on the SD or HD Live Stream with Any Degree of Transparency.  HD-SDI or SD-SDI Input and Output.  Supports EAS Triggers from DASDEC and Others with Emergency Audio Splice In and Overlay.  Designed for Broadcasters who Wish to Move to State of the Art Playout Servers with Fully Secure Remote Management of Primary and Secondary Channels.  Has Ready to Go Interfaces for Several Traffic Systems.

Standard Features:

  • New Custom 4 RU Rackmount Workstation
  • AJA XENA 2Ke bundle, card, AV I/O breakout box
  • Intel® Xeon® 64-bit workstation featuring single Quad-Core X5550 Nehalem 2.66 GHz CPUs
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1394A/B FireWire®
  • Gbit Ethernet  I/O
  • D: 2–8 TB Raid0 SATA II Internal Storage
  • E: Dual Layer Blu-Ray 8X Burner Internal SATA Drive
  • Keyboard & optical mouse
  • Records and plays uncompressed capture footage
  • XENA 2Ke card is AJA's top-of-the-line card for Windows XP/Vista, delivering uncompressed SD, HD & Dual Link HD & enabling customers to work with 2K frames in a flexible & future-safe architecture


  • Post production
  • Digital Signage
  • Military

Standard Features:

  • Captures and plays back SDI, with playback and record scheduler
  • Digital Uncompressed Video Input: SDI SMPTE 259M (8 or 10 bit at 270 Mbps)
  • Incorporates 1 TB HD sufficient for 7 hrs of uncompressed video at 8 bit
  • Interfaces to all digital workflows
  • Video Format: 720x486 (525) /59.94i (ITU)
  • Advanced playback and record Scheduler for Day, Week, Month, or Year
  • Clock Reference Input Connector (Black Burst)
  • Features Rich easy-to-use GUI with slider for random access
  • Supports IP input to the local hard drive – convenient for file transfers
  • Continuous play or single play modes
  • 500 GB Hard Drive or larger storage lets you build, maintain, and use a large local library of Video Clips. This can be expanded to 2 T bytes.
  • Audio: assumed to be embedded in video
  • Windows® 7 based
  • Remote management via Web interface or command line for automation
  • DVD or Blu-ray™ recorder for import or export of resources
  • External RAID option with 12 TB
  • Incorporates SMPTE time code or network time protocol for R.T.C. adjustments


  • Ideal for General Broadcast applications as a VTR
  • Generating SDI streams for testing purposes
  • Post Production Integration
  • Instant Uncompressed Playback
  • Continuous High Quality Uncompressed trade show signal source
  • Replacement for D1 Tape Decks

Standard Features:

  • Supports Preroll, Midroll, and Postroll Ad Insertion via Splice, Overlay, or Squeeze
  • Inserts or overlays graphical ads, video clips, logos, graphics, CG, scrolling text, and emergency alerts into video feeds on a schedule or via Contact Closures
  • Works with most fonts: Chinese, Arabic, Indian, etc. via Unicode interface
  • HD or SD SDI on any or all channels
  • Secure Remote Scheduling from anywhere via Web Interface
  • Generates playlists for time-shifted content that includes all national ads, local ads and content in pre, post, and mid-roll spot
  • Built in intelligence makes scheduling easy
  • Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and 480i, and all standard broadcast resolutions on all channels
  • Features daily, weekly, and monthly schedule-based logos, alerts, and text insertion
  • Arbitrary location for graphics
  • Choose from static, rotating, flipping, or blinking graphics, logos, and text
  • Manages AD inventories, Logs Ad Plays, and Generates Proof of Play list
  • Creates crawling messages and emergency alerts with programmable fonts and background colors, in any language
  • Creates Real Time Clock display in programmable fonts and colors anywhere on screen
  • Displays remaining and next advertisement time In output video
  • Scales Input video from 10% to 100% and overlay on graphics -- Ideal for EPG
  • Overlays animating PNG files and scales Input Video from 10% to 100% -- Ideal for L-Wrap and transparent overlays. Video squeezes.
  • Select any degree of transparency
  • Easy drag and drop placement to position logo, text, or graphics on screen
  • News feeds from RSS in any language, with programmable fonts and background colors
  • Able to mask entire screen with a static image in case of video input failure
  • Web based GUI with Drop Box Inputs for all Content
  • 3 RU rack mountable frame (1 RU for single channel version)
  • Template based character generator
  • EAS support is standard
  • SLATE function puts up an Empty Background on which you can type messages
  • Comprehensive Customization to your needs is possible
  • ESAM support in development
  • Stores and manages Content, Ads, Messages, and Graphics clips, on local RAID --  Optional RAID 1 and 5 configurations available
  • Supports SCTE 104 and optional analog Cue Tone Detection
  • Supports many forms of GPI
  • Supports SurCode for Dolby Digital


  • Affordable Multichannel Playout for call letter stations
  • Content Playout for Satellite Channels
  • Use existing content from: Graphics Libraries, RSS feeds, web cams, video clips, flash streams, and animation files
  • Crawling text and graphics overlay for local advertising and announcements, station logo
  • Add logos, graphics, and text to news broadcast segments – Weather, Sports, etc.
  • Emergency alert system for Broadcast and Cable
  • Video Messaging System
  • Adding Instrumentation Data Video
  • Targeted advertising Voting and TV Interaction systems
  • PSA Crawls



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